The first of four key components to a healthy heart is physical strength. This means working out on a regular basis. The biggest risks for heart disease include obesity, diabetes and inactivity. At Bolingbrook Park District, there are countless things that you and your loved ones can do to ensure a strong heart. In this section, you'll find facts about having a strong heart, as well as outlets to strengthen yours.

LifeStyles Fitness Center is Bolingbrook's community gym. We care about you and your ticker. For that very reason, we compiled a list of the reasons you should become a member:

1. No initiation fees! 
2. Group exercise classes included in your membership, yes this includes aqua fitness classes!
3. Monthly events and promotions to keep you engaged.
4. Innovative classes staying on top of latest fitness trends, including Les Mills!
5. Certified personal trainers dedicated to help you achieve your goals
6. State-of-the-art equipment you’ll need to reach your fitness goals. 
7. Two convenient locations available to you within Bolingbrook. 
     a. Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex 
     b. Annerino Community Center
8. Welcoming staff and eager to help you including LifeStyles’ new Health Coach, no question will go unanswered.
9. Always a clean facility, which is something we pride ourselves on!
10. LifeStyles makes fitness fun! We’re your community gym and you’ll feel comfortable during all your workouts.

"Extra weight costs us physically and financially. In 2011, the CDC estimated that healthcare costs exceed $8,600 annually (per capita)." - The Price of Inactivity

When you're working out, it's important to keep on eye on your heart rate. It lets you know whether you're not doing enough, or over-exercising. A lot of workout machines have the capability of telling your heart rate, but if you're in a park or not on a piece of equipment, heart rate monitors are relatively cheap or are even connected to your workout watch.

When you do get your heart rate, use this chart to help achieve your correct heart rate.

For more heart rate information, click here.

If the gym scene isn't your thing, Bolingbrook Park District offers countless programs to strengthen your heart. If you're into sports, we've got that. Check out our softball, basketball and soccer leagues, along with our open gym schedule including our brand-new class: pickleball.

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